Helena Sinervo is a celebrated Finnish novelist, poet, and translator whose writings have been translated into more than twenty languages. Her novels include the Finlandia Literature Prize-winning Runoilijan talossa (In the Poet’s House, Tammi, 2004), Tykistönkadun päiväperho (Batterystreet Belle de Jour, 2009), and a fairytale novel Prince Winsleigh and the Riddle of the Locker (2012). 



Prince Winsleigh and the Riddle of the Locker (2012, Prinssi Ahava ja riipuksen arvoitus)

The first part of the two-part Panria tale provides suspenseful and insightful fiction for readers of all ages. In this first fairytale novel by Helena Sinervo, an ensemble of imaginative characters and lively, witty and playful language rejoice and frolic. The novel, which combines fairy tales and fantasy, will be followed by a sequel later on. 

Batterystreet Belle de Jour (2009, Tykistönkadun päiväperho)

First impressions of Battery Street Belle de Jour are that it is a work of pure pornography. Mette, the main protagonist, is a middle-aged mother who has embarked on a quest to make her eternity project a reality. This project is an artistic venture in which she attempts to combine pleasure, repulsion and terror. She goes about this goal by having sexual encounters with unknown men at various locations. The encounters are planned online. According to her, Mette wants to be fucked and repressed. Through these measures she believes she will transform her own life into a piece of art that will raise ‘unworthiness to a shrine’. 


‘…a book that will undoubtedly become the talk of this autumn’s book season. (…) a book that is erotically brave and daring.’ – Suomen Kuvalehti 

‘Battery Street Belle de Jour is an intelligent novel which writing is almost devilishly cunning. It is the sensation of this autumn’s book season. Definitely. Thank you, Helena Sinervo. You have redeemed my faith in Finnish literature.’ – Parnasso 

‘Battery Street Belle de Jour a great novel in its honesty, study on human bodies and beauty. (…) Sinervo’s skills are also evident in the way she swings the reader from beauty to ugliness and in how the novel remains on its second extreme, subtly, as if by a few flaps of a butterflies’ wings.’ – Etelä-Saimaa 

Runoilijan talossa (In the Poet’s House, 2004)

In the Poet’s House is a biographical novel about the exceptional life of female poet Eeva-Liisa Manner (1921-1995), who was the doyenne of Finnish post-war poetry. 

A literary critic Mervi Kantokorpi describes the novel in the following words:

The novel’s great merit is its empathetic discernment, which illuminates Manner’s thought. Time is a theme the poet has returned to again and again, and around time Sinervo develops a brilliantly resonant narrative, taking off from the novel’s time-free structure.

The abandonment of linearity is enabled by the concept of time: time is scattered and forms an environment. Manner’s phrase, ‘All time surrounds us,’ suggests that the human mind is scattered around the world as thought. But this is also subjectivism at its most beautiful – subjectivism as a presence. And finally, and most importantly: creativity is the reading of that environing world, not its imitation.


Sinervo has published eight collections of poetry and a large selection of her poems (2011). Her poems are translated into 22 languages.

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Maurice Blanchot: La folie du jour, (Ai-ai, 1995)
Elizabeth Bishop: Questions of Travel, selection of poetry
  (WSOY, 1997) 
Yves Bonnefoy: Douve puhuu, selection of poetry (WSOY, 2002)
Stéphane Mallarmé: Nopanheitto (Un coup de Dés jamais n’abolira le Hasard) (WSOY, 2006)
Agneta Enckell: Huuhtoutumia, selection of poetry (WSOY, 2011)


Finlandia-prize for the best novel of the year (Runoilijan talossa, 2004)

The Dancing Bear Poetry Prize awarded annually by the Finnish Broadcast Company to the best book of poetry published the previous year (Ihmisen kaltainen, 2001)

The Dancing Bear Poetry Prize awarded annually by the Finnish Broadcast Company to the best book of poetry published the previous year (Väärän lajin laulut, 2011)


                                                The first part of the fairytale novel Prince Winsleigh         
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